Insurance Articles

  • The Commercial Property Insurance Policy[HTML] [PDF]

    Every business has a serious need to protect its real and business personal property. Even for the largest operations, tangible property is a major asset.

  • Insuring Electronic Data Processing Equipment [HTML] [PDF]

    So many businesses are computer-dependent. Only the smallest retailer can operate without a computer cash register.

  • The Business Owners Insurance Policy [HTML] [PDF]

    If you own and/or run a smaller business, your insurance needs may be properly handled by a business owner policy or BOP. BOPs are similar to a homeowners policy, offering both property and liability protection.

  • Internet Insurance Information [HTML] [PDF]

    The 'Net holds many wonders, but it also provides many opportunities for acquiring information that may be useless or even harmful.

  • Credit Based Scoring And Insurance [HTML] [PDF]

    Insurance companies use different sources of information about a person that supplements an application. For auto coverage, motor vehicle reports are ordered.

  • Dwelling Fire Insurance Coverage [HTML] [PDF]

    At one time, the dwelling fire line of business was the only option for writing residential property insurance and it only offered modest coverage for private building property and personal contents.

  • Controlling Car Insurance [HTML] [PDF]

    There are ways to address rising costs. First, gather your insurance records and any other car-related information. Next, determine if circumstances have changed since you last dealt with your coverage.

  • Can I Afford My New Driver [HTML] [PDF]

    Young drivers are expensive to insure. Such drivers, particularly teenagers, cause a high amount of traffic accidents because of their lack of experience and the fact that, due to their youth, they tend to be distracted drivers who also like to take risks.

  • Personal Auto Insurance Coverages - Part 1 [HTML] [PDF]

    A driver who's unlucky or careless can maim or kill other persons and severely damage or destroy property. This deadly potential is the biggest reason for auto insurance.

  • Personal Auto Insurance Coverages - Part 2 [HTML] [PDF]

    Cars are expensive to buy and repair, providing great reasons for protecting them. If you borrowed money to buy your car, the lender was likely to make certain that you had coverages to pay for any damage to the vehicle.

  • Protect Your Classic Car [HTML] [PDF]

    Depending on the type of car you own and your driving history of tickets and accidents, you are likely insured in the standard or preferred auto market.

  • A Problem With Deer [HTML] [PDF]

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety issued a report that drivers frequently hit deer and, being large animals, such accidents are a big problem.

  • Antiques [HTML] [PDF]

    While many of your possessions may be of the routine variety, it’s likely that some pieces may be special, having decorative or other features, particularly age, that may qualify it as art, an antique or both.

  • Umbrella Insurance Coverages - Part 1 [HTML] [PDF]

    An umbrella is the term for a liability policy that fits over your primary policies on an excess basis (and sometimes provides protection that is not available under your primary coverage).

  • Umbrella Insurance Coverages - Part 2 [HTML] [PDF]

    A traditional umbrella offers broader protection, covering primary policies as well as a variety of, typically, uncovered exposures. For instance, you may have to go to court after being accused of slandering another person.

  • Homeowners Insurance Coverage - Part 1 [HTML] [PDF]

    Employees routinely use their own vehicles in their jobs or just to run errands for their employer. Does your company have protection in case of an accident and both your worker and your company are sued?

  • Homeowners Insurance Coverage - Part 2 [HTML] [PDF]

    It's important that you discuss the details of coverage and any other insurance questions with your insurance agent.

  • Insuring a Mobile of Manufactured Home [HTML] [PDF]

    Many companies, including specialists, provide coverage for mobile/manufactured homes by modifying a conventional homeowner policy with provisions called endorsements.

  • Vacant or Unoccupied Homes [HTML] [PDF]

    First, there IS a difference. The difference between the two is a matter of time and intent.

  • Underinsured Homes [HTML] [PDF]

    Most homeowners have one thing in common: their single, largest asset is usually their residence